Blooming White Tea


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Blooming Teas start off as a closed bud, but when you add hot water it blooms into a magnificent flower while also steeping into a light and fruity white tea. Use a glass teapot to be able to view the flower and enjoy a tea that is deliciously beautiful. Comes in Peach, Mango, Strawberry, and Lemon flavors!

Buy by the ounce or in a pre-packaged gift box. One ounce contains four blooming tea buds. The gift pack contains about six blooming tea buds.

Origin: China

Caffeine Level: Low, 2-10mg, Perfect for Any Time of the Day

How To Steep:

 – 1 Blooming Tea per Teapot Up to 64oz

 – Recommended Water Temperature: 176 – 190°F

 – Steep Time: 5-10 Minutes

 – Can Re-steep Up to 3 Times

Health Benefits:

 – High in antioxidants

 – Helps fight sickness

 – Reduces risk of heart disease

 – Boosts metabolism

 – Clears skin and reduces wrinkles

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