Phoenix Honey Orchid Dan Cong Oolong


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Flavor: Treasured for it’s aromatic honey scent as well as the brew’s thickness, the Honey Orchid sets itself above the rest. Aged to perfection and roasted at incredibly high temperatures, any brew connoisseur should have this tea on their list. 

Ingredients: Oolong Tea

Origin: China

Caffeine Level: Medium, 30mg – 50mg, Perfect for Energizing your Morning or Boosting Your Afternoon

How To Steep:

 – 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves per 8 ounces of water

 – Recommended Water Temperature: 185 – 205°F

 – Steep Time: 3 – 5 Minutes

 – Can Re-steep 3 – 4 Times

Health Benefits:

 – Contains antioxidants

 – Activates enzymes to burn stored fat

 – Boosts metabolism and decreases fat absorption

 – Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke

 – Decreases blood sugar

 – Relieves eczema


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