Hello and welcome to Teaura!

I'm Ayman H. — an engineer turned entrepreneur with a passion for the exquisite world of tea. My journey with Teaura began in 2014, inspired by my enlightening interactions with tea farmers from China and beyond. These experiences deepened my respect for nature's innate power to nurture our minds and bodies.

Think of our bodies as intricate machines. Unlike most, they operate round-the-clock, requiring constant nourishment and hydration. Among the essentials, beverages play a pivotal role in keeping us active and healthy. Recognizing this, I founded Teaura to reintroduce a drink that stands second only to water in its global consumption — tea. We pride ourselves on delivering the finest quality at unbeatable prices.

Our customers' glowing testimonials, sharing tales of wellness and weight loss, stand testament to tea's unmatched benefits. Their stories echo the age-old tradition of societies worldwide, gathering over a warm cup to discuss life, politics, and aspirations.

With Teaura's inception in 2014, we committed to consistently delivering the crème de la crème of tea harvests right to your doorstep, ensuring every sip is a memorable experience. Drawing from my engineering background, particularly in quality control and assurance, I've infused an unwavering focus on quality into Teaura ethos.

We're not just in the business of tea; we're in the pursuit of excellence. Whether you're at home, work, or on-the-go, our dedication extends over 10,000 miles to bring the world's best teas into your cup.

Our mission? Your satisfaction. Our promise? To continually elevate your tea experiences. From your invigorating morning brew to your soothing nighttime infusion, we aim to enhance every moment. Your feedback drives us, your expectations guide us, and your pleasure, above all, is our ultimate reward.

At Teaura, is where you experience the power of tea


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