Hello and welcome to Teaura!

My name is Ayman Hama, I'm an engineer and an entrepreneur. I started TEA*AURA in 2014, after many interactions with tea farmers in China and other countries I came to believe in the power of the nature around us to heal and cure our minds and bodies.  I believe that our bodies are just like any other mechanical system except that unlike any other mechanical system they run for 24/7 non stop. They constantly need be provided with good sources of nourishment hydration to keep them running well and healthy. Like many complex systems our bodies need fluids or what we call drinks to stay running and operational. I started TEA AURA  to bring one of the best drink  ever known to mankind after water and the most consumed beverage in the world with highest quality and the best price. Our hard to believe some times customer testimonies about how much wait they have lost and well they feel after they switch to tea that is not only good for them but also a greatly enjoyable experience. They are indeed the living testimony about the  power of tea as one of the best source of fluid and hydration.

For many centuries different countries and cultures around the world have loved and enjoyed tea,  gathered around it to talk about their daily life issues, political systems and future ambitions.

When we started TEA AURA in 2014 we vowed to bring the best quality tea and the freshest harvest every year to your living room and to your tea time.

We vowed hold our selves to the highest standards only for your tea time pleasure.

As an engineer who worked for many years in quality control and quality assurance; I made sure that quality is just what TEA*AURA is all about

At TEA*AURA we will go the extra 10,000 miles just to bing the best tea to your office, living room, and as your are in the run in your car.  

Our customers satisfaction is our highest priority.

We promise to strive everyday to bring the best and most joyful cup of tea to your table whether its after dinner or for your relaxing time before bed or in the morning to energize your day and add a bit of contribution to your productivity.

We Promise to hear your feedback, never give up on improving and working hard to be at your highest expectation for your your healthy pleasure. 

TEA*AURA where you experience the power of tea


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