Japanese Green Matcha Powder

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Weight: 2 oz ($9.99/oz)


Flavor: Vibrant in flavor as it is in its bright green brew packed with smooth, full bodied feel with grassy, creamy and a sweet finish. Enjoy a great dose of antioxidant and a fine taste of very earthy green tea and gorgeous latte texture.

Ingredients: Finely Ground Green Tea

Origin: Japan

Caffeine Level: Medium-Low, 20-30mg, Perfect for Boosting Your Afternoon

How To Steep:

- 1-2 teaspoons of powder per 8 ounces of water

- Recommended Water Temperature: 175 - 180°F

- Whisk or Stir Until Fully Dissolved

Health Benefits:

- Very high in antioxidants

- Improves focus, mental clarity and brain function

- Aids in fat metabolism and boosts metabolism

- Fights risk of cancer, heart disease & stroke

- Prevents cavities

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