Peach White Tea

Weight: 2 oz ($5.50/oz)
Sale price$11.00 USD


Flavor: A summer stroll blend of white tea infused with flavors of peach, Chrysanthemum, and peach pieces. You will love the sweet, fruity and floral notes that play harmoniously with the smooth and delicate tones of the white tea. A perfect afternoon tea and tea to serve at celebrations.

Ingredients: White Tea, Peach Chunks, Chrysanthemum, and Vanilla

Origin: China

Caffeine Level: Low, 2-10mg, Perfect for Any Time of the Day

How To Steep:

- 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves per 8 ounces of water

- Recommended Water Temperature: 170-190°F

- Steep Time: 4-5 Minutes

- Can Re-steep 3 Times

Health Benefits:

- High in antioxidants

- Helps fight sickness

- Reduces risk of heart disease

- Boosts metabolism

- Clears skin and reduces wrinkles

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