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Flavor: A tart and floral tea with notes of spice from the cloves and cardamom. A uniquely fragrant herbal tea that will surely bring you a state of calm.

Ingredients: Hibiscus, Cloves, Lavender, Turmeric, Cardamom, Orange Peels, Rose Petals, and Stevia

Origin: USA

Caffeine Level: None, Perfect for Relaxing Your Evening

How To Steep:

- 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves per 8 ounces of water

- Recommended Water Temperature: 205 - 212°F

- Steep Time: 5 - 6 Minutes

Health Benefits:

- Anti-Inflammatory to relax the body and relieve pain from issues such as arthritis, asthma and sore muscles

- Extremely high in antioxidants – 50% more than green tea

- High in magnesium to relieve anxiety and help form healthy sleep patterns

- Aids in fat metabolism & digestion

- Helps treat allergies & asthma

- Decreases blood pressure

- Clears skin, reduces wrinkles & protects hair follicles

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