White Silver Needle Jasmine King Tea

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Weight: 2 oz ($8.50/oz)


Flavor: A white tea based with custom blended Jasmine that melts gently into the soft white Silver Needle tea finish. Known as the "king" of Jasmine white tea, this blend is blissfully fragrant with its floral and lightly sweet tones.

Jasmine silver needle tea

Ingredients: silver needle white tea rolled with Jasmine buds

Origin: China

Caffeine Level: Low, 2-10mg, Perfect for Any Time of the Day

How To Steep:

- 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves per 8 ounces of water

- Recommended Water Temperature: 176 - 190°F

- Steep Time: 4-5 Minutes

- Can Re-steep 3 Times

Health Benefits:

- High in antioxidants

- Helps fight sickness

- Reduces risk of heart disease

- Boosts metabolism

- Clears skin and reduces wrinkles


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